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Step 1

Wall mount bracketMount the BRACKET (part # BKT-WM) as shown.


Step 2

Wall mount bracket bronzePlace the NOZZLE (part # PFA-95-AL/BR), head down, on the horizontal ring located on the upper part of the bracket. Ensure the bale handle of the nozzle is lock onto the nozzle hook in a closed position. Secure the nozzle with the straps. Nozzle can be connected to the fire hose permanently in this position if desired.

Step 3

Wall mounted nozzle with expansionHang the EXPANSION TIP 9part # LX-MX-95 on the hook below the nozzle. The CARRY-ALL BAG(part # CB) can also be hung on the same hook.

Step 4

Wall mounted nozzle and jacketHang the FOAM BLADDER JACKET (part # FJ-95) on the horizontal part of the bracket. Ensure the ¾-turn valve is in the closed position and fill the jacket with AFFF.

Step 5

Wall mounted cover with strapSlip the UV-RESISTANT COVER (part # CV-FJ) from the bottom up with the netting facing the deck/floor. Secure the Velcro parts all around including at the top. Secure the foam bladder jacket and the UV-resistant cover with the long straps.